Isabel Marant

It's not everyday that I receive an invitation to interview Isabel Marant, so it was with some trepidation that I went to her studio, one sunny day last May.

My plan was to talk to her about fashion week and to film our conversation in preparation for our second "Week of Chic". But as it turns out, Madame Marant isn't the biggest fan of fashion week… She preferred to talk about her sources of inspiration, of how a collection can come about from the smallest thing, and even about that old chestnut, the definition of French chic. No matter what subject she tackles, she always exudes an infectious energy, and speaks with the same honesty and spontaneity. Without any exaggeration, I left her studio bursting with energy, fired up and inspired by a woman who speaks her mind. I hope that this film will have the same effect on you!

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Isabel Marant is available to buy on Net-A-Porter here
Photos : Aisling Greally // Trésor Parisien