The Beauty Equation

 Every month, Nettement Chic brings you the Beauty Equation with Oh My Cream! In April, add together these 3 anti-scarring products. 

Photos // Peonies and Lux for Nettement Chic     


Erase marks (Alpha H Liquid Gold

Every three nights, I moisturise my skin with this resurfacing lotion which contains 5% glycolic acid. Super smoothing, it removes all rough patches and skin blemishes. 



Repair your skin (Pai Skincare Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil)

On the other evenings, I use this 100% wild rose plant oil. Containing a gentle, natural form of pro-vitamin A, it stimulates cellular regeneration. A good ally for activating skin repair.



Avoid dark spots (Dermalogica Pure Light SPF50)

In the morning, I coat my skin with this high factor protection which is perfect to avoid the appearance of dark sports after scarring. And its anti-pigmentation ingredients also help to create a perfectly uniform complexion. 



Voilà the perfect trilogy to help solve the problems linked to scar healing. From exfoliation to anti-pigmentation and surface marks, everything is under control!