The Beauty Equation


Every month, Nettement Chic brings you the Beauty Equation with Oh My Cream ! Add together these 3 factors for a quick solution to your beauty problems. February is the month for perfect pores.


 Start with a thorough cleanse (Grown Alchemist Wheat Germ & Cranberry Deep Cleansing Mask)

When it comes to removing all impurities and efficiently mattifying my skin, I bring out the big guns. White clay, gingko and enzymes work in tandem to leave the complexion feeling fresh, bright and squeaky-clean.




Even skin texture (Alpha H Liquid Gold)

I nourish my skin with this clear, water-based serum, a product that keeps its cards close to its chest: packed with hyaluronic acid, its ability to fight imperfections and seal up pores is unparalleled, leaving you with clear skin day after day.




 Smooth and repair (Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier)

Every 2 days, before I apply moisturiser, I treat my skin to this lightweight powder, which is rich in salicylic acid and Enantia bark, a magic ingredient that reduces pore size by up to 36%. 



Cleansed and purified skin feels smoother and more even. pores are sealed and will soon begin to fade, leaving behind a porcelain complexion that you will just adore.