The Beauty Equation

 Every month, Nettement Chic brings you the Beauty Equation with Oh My Cream ! In July and August, add together these 3 factors to soothe sunburn.


Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! (Alpha H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist)

My first line of defence is a spray of this mist directly after cleansing. Filled with hydrating and soothing ingredients, it includes plenty of aloe vera and chamomile.



Cool things down a little (Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask)

I apply this cooling gel liberally to take the heat out of the burn. It instantly soothes the pain and refreshes my dry and damaged skin.


Get out the fire extinguisher (Esthederm Tan Enhancing After Sun Repair)

I soothe and comfort my red, overheated skin with this gentle lotion which also contains anti-ageing ingredients and is therefore the perfect night cream for the summer months. 


No need to call the fire brigade if you have this trio of cooling and refreshing products to hand. heat and redness are soothed away and my skin is thoroughly hydrated.