The Beauty Equation


Every month, Nettement Chic brings you the Beauty Equation with Oh My Cream ! Add together these 3 factors for a quick solution to your beauty problems. March is the month for a total detox.


Let your skin breathe   (Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser: pore refining daily detox wash)

I start by using this gel to cleanse my skin, flush out impurities and help regulate oiliness. White clay, fruit enzymes and ginger extracts revitalise my complexion, leaving it clear and glowing once more.


Brighten your complexion (Grown Alchemist Detox Serum Antioxidant +3)

I follow the cleanser with this oil packed full of detoxifying ingredients. Pollution clogges up my pores and the aloe vera and panthenol in this serum are perfect for oxygenising my skin.


Treat yourself to a spring cleanse (Joëlle Ciocco Energizing Mask)

To fight a discoloured and greying complexion, I arm myself with this concentrated (6%) propolis mask. This is the best natural ingredient for flushing out impurities and removing dirt.


I treat myself to this trio of oxygenising products as soon as i see the first signs of skin fatigue. as a result, my suffocated complexion benefits from a breath of fresh air. my skin is revitalised and detoxified, feels cleaner and appears brighter.