The Beauty Equation


Every month, Nettement Chic brings you the Beauty Equation with Oh My Cream ! In February, add together these 3 products  to slip them into your gym bag 


Photos // Peonies and Lux for Nettement Chic     


Take your make up off on the move (RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes)

Before your gym session, clean the face with this cloth soaked in coconut oil to completely remove make up and impurities. 



Keep yourself dry (Soapwalla Kitchen Citrus Cream Deodorant) 

Perfect for after sport, I rely on this really effective organic deodorant which is loved by celebrities and beauty editors… and, of course, the whole Oh My Cream team!


Relax your muscles (Tata Harper Soothing Muscle Gel)

I massage my aching muscles with this relaxing aromatic gel which reduces tension. The plus? You can leave the tube on your desk to soothe your shoulders during particularly stressful days.



Thanks to these 3 products, there are no more excuses to avoid the gym! From now on, I am going to replace each lunch break, a.k.a instagram time, with a cycling session which will be much more beneficial in the long term.