We have scoured the web to bring you our short list of the best places to buy gloves online. Below in words and pictures.


The most authentic: Maison Fabre - It is impossible to talk about gloves without mentioning Maison Fabre. Founded in Millau in central France in 1924, Fabre is the French glove-maker ‘par excellence’ and has transformed itself into a modern and desirable brand whilst staying perfectly true to its Aveyron roots.


The softest: Poncho Gallery - At Poncho Gallery, you will find a selection of chic cashmere fingerless gloves that are a must for city life (and for handling your iPhone). Practical, soft and warm, they will fast become your best friend on the coldest of days.


The most artisanal: L’Atelier du Gantier - The atelier-boutique in Millau continues the traditional savoir-faire by using artisanal production methods to produce a broad range of both classic and more fashionable gloves as well as those specially tailored for sport and driving. The site also provides the possibility to personalise your own gloves.


The most nordic: &Other Stories - Here you will find a simple, modern and stylish pair of leather or cashmere gloves that will keep your hands super warm for less than 60 euros.


The most luxurious: Agnelle - Agnelle has been making couture gloves since 1937 and has collaborated with the biggest fashion brands and haute couture houses. Today its signature is that of tradition, luxury and exceptional quality.


The most delicate: Causse Gantier - Here the glove has been transformed into an indispensable fashion accessory. Using fur details, coated lambskin, python and Swarovski crystals, the brand creates timeless models that are of high quality, all the while staying loyal to its fundamental values. What’s more, all pieces are created in Millau, the epicentre of the glove world!


The most eccentric: Aristide - This brand is for the boldest and most eccentric amongst you. Aristide is a daring, modern and eccentric addition to the world of glove-making. Thanks to bright colours, patchwork motifs, a combination of silks and leathers and surrealist styles, your hands will very quickly become a key talking-point.


The most Parisian: L’Exception - This online boutique which specialises in unique, French brands provides a luxurious selection of gloves, in keeping with its name! From sophisticated leather and fur versions from Maison Fabre to more kitsch and brightly coloured styles from the brand Aristide, you will find the perfect pair to adorn your hands, no matter the day or the occasion.


The most English: Dents - Founded in 1777, the craftsmen at Dents have continued to create gloves in their English factories with the utmost care and an unmatched attention to detail. Each glove is individually cut by hand, finished to the highest of standards and made using a selection of the rarest and most sophisticated cuts of leather. You will also find a more affordable and modern range of gloves, in wool, velvet, tweed, satin and crochet.