We have scoured the web to bring you our short list of the best places to buy scarves online. Below in words and pictures.

The most luxurious: Hermès - When you think of silk scarves, Hermès is perhaps the first word that pops into your head. Each beautiful and utterly intricate design is hand drawn by in-house artists and will immediately make you feel like the chicest girl in town. Tie to your bag or around your wrist for a modern interpretation of a timeless classic.


The most unique: L’Exception - If you’re looking for a scarf that will help you stand out from the crowd, then L’Exception’s designers will do the trick with their fearless yet graceful patterns.


The most floral: Anthropologie - For fabulous florals, our favourite online destination is Anthropologie where the vast selection of scarves mean you are always spoilt for choice.


The most summery: Ese o Ese - Look no further than Ese o Ese for a light, elegant scarf that will be the staple item of your summer wardrobe and the envy of those around you.


The most fashionable : Dior - Perhaps less ubiquitous than Hermès but certainly no less creative, the house of Dior is heaven for scarf lovers. We particularly love the Mitzah (named after Monsieur Dior’s one-time muse Mitzah Bricard). The long, rectangular silk scarf is simply begging to be tied around wrists, waists and necks or in your hair.


The most ethnic: Jamini - India meets Paris in the Jamini scarf collection. The use of traditional colours and motifs,  together with age-old Indian printing techniques ensures that each of the silk and cotton scarves is a one-off.


The most patterned: Paul Smith - The King of English tailoring is renowned for his use of high colour and bold pattern. True to form, eclectic prints and flashes of fuschia adorn silk, cashmere and fur in this scarf collection that will add a touch of eccentric chic to each and every outfit.


The most bohemian: Athena Procopiou - Every season, the London designer takes us on a beautifully bohemian adventure thanks to her colourful, floral printed scarves. Her 70s style caftans are also a beachside must.   


The most versatile: Année - Alexia Nokovitch designs patterns for her handmade scarves taking an artistic approach where each scarf is a chapter of a story. They are rendered more contemporary by her suggestion that the scarf is an accessory which is to be worn not only around the neck but also as a bandeau, a bracelet or a belt. 


The most poetic: Mapoésie - As the name indicates, this Parisian brand creates ornate, poetic designs that adorn scarves and cushions. Choose between patterns inspired by mythology, ethnic cultures, traditional craftsmanship or more abstract art.