Coffee table books

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you our short list of the best online boutiques where you can buy coffee table books. In words and pictures below. 


The most bohemian: Anthropologie - Specialising in all things chic and bohemian, the collection of books at Anthropologie are perfect for cosy fireside reading. Illustrations, cocktail and recipe books, gardening manuals and city guides, their beautiful books should feature on every self-respecting coffee table.

The most complete: Taschen - Who doesn’t own a book from the publishing house Taschen? Everyone has at least one in their collection, whether it be on pop culture, cinema or travel. With their prices defying all other competition, you will find books on all subjects and for all ages!

The most contemporary: Phaidon - At Phaidon, books about the creative arts are always precise and utterly beautiful. Whether you are looking for books about portraits, cinematography or culinary trends, Phaidon should be at the top of your list.


The most unique: LO/A - All the books from LO/A are from independent publishing houses. Browse the selection of unique and rare works from this small, independent, Parisian bookshop.


The most fashionable : Assouline - If you’re looking for a book on the highest heels, Ferrari, travel or want to glimpse inside the world of the original jet-set, head to Assouline for their ultra-glamourous selection of books. A special mention for our favourits, Chic Stays and the “Big Book of Chic” of course!


The most arty : Artspace - If you’re a fan of contemporary art, Artspace is where you will find books on every big name in painting, sculpture, performance and photogrpahy as well as interior design and architecture. Discover their selection of limited edition products too.


The most funny : Urban Outfitters - With a choice of books of quotations for the feelgood factor, recipe books as well as books on retro photos, street art or even cats, the books at Urban Outfitters all have light, comical and often excentric themes that will never fail to bring a smile to your lips.


The most Parisian: L’Exception - Art, fashion, photography and travel! The famous Parisian publishing houses are all represented in the bookstore section of this concept store. The unique city guides from Paris-based publisher be-pôles deserve a special mention.


The most design : Conran Shop - Design and architecture have a special place at this interior design giant. You will be inspired by the big and current names in architecture and interior design that will make you dream of redecorating your home.