We have scoured the web to bring you our short list of the best places to buy flowers online. Below in words and pictures.

The most chic: Bergamotte - Spreading happiness is the main aim at Bergamotte where you will find the chicest flowers available on the web. With delivery under 2 hours in Paris and next day delivery before 1pm for the rest of France, the service is extremely efficient! By collaborating with artists who design exclusive collections each season, Bergamotte ensures that your bouquets will be both elegant and original, and perfectly up-to-date. Delivery in France only.

The most colourful: Flower - On Flower’s site, which also has two boutiques in Paris, you can select and send the perfect gift to your loved ones, by first choosing the style of the bouquet and then the price (there are 3 options: the chic, the magic and the fantastic!). Not only are the flowers beautiful but you will also find the bubbles to go with them! I’ll take the Dom Perignon and a Vintage Break, version Chic, pretty please! Delivery in France only.

The most British:
Marks and Spencer - Well-respected with a beautiful selection, Marks and Spencer offers bouquets online that are both affordable and perfectly pretty. Delivery in the UK only.

The most simple:
Bloom&Wild - Flowers through your letter box? Yes, please! With the English company Bloom&Wild, you can choose between 7 bouquets that are all perfectly packaged in order to fit through your letter box. A tad better than a bill, no? Delivery in the UK only.

The most modern: FlowerBx - By picking flowers straight from the flower markets in Holland, FlowerBx promises to provide the prettiest flowers in Europe, delivered to your door all year long. Thanks to these cut-flower specialists, you will find single-varietal bunches for a chic and modern look. A little extra: you can subscribe online in order to give (or receive…) a bouquet as often as you wish. Delivery in the UK only.

The most classic:
Philippa Craddock - A real institution! Known as ‘the Queen of London Florists’ and appointed as the only in-store florist at Selfridges, Philippa Craddock creates the most elegant bouquets in the capital. We are also told that these flowers are regularly commissioned by Tiffany, Dior and Lancôme… Delivery in the UK only.

The most couture: Appleyard London - Alongside the signature collection, Couture, Appleyard London also offers seasonal collections by using the most beautiful flowers of the moment. You can also add beauty products, chocolates or even champagne to your order. Delivery in the UK only.

The most luxurious: Landeau - The philosophy behind Landeau can be summed up in two words: luxury and simplicity. That is, as simple and luxurious as 25 freshly picked roses, perfectly and delicately packaged with love in a box inspired by traditional hat boxes. We only have two words to say: Hats off!

The most practical: Bloomon - If you just like flowers a little bit, a lot or you’re just mad about them, this site has something for everyone. Choose between three sizes of bouquets, the fragrance and the destination and Bloomon will deliver the fresh flowers to you in only 3 clicks!

The most prickly: AY Cactus - The two creators of this Parisian brand had the clever idea to plant cacti in cans covered with colourful graphics and patterns to turn them into authentic, decorative objects. Each one is also stamped with an exotic destination or a personal message. Straight to the point!