We’ve scoured the internet to bring you our short list of the best online boutiques where you can buy rugs. In words and pictures below. 

The most Moroccan: Fragments - For the last 18 years, the founder of Fragments has brought the unique history of Morocco to her brand. She truly is the ‘carpet hunter’, always on the lookout for desirable designs such as Beni Ouarains or Boucherouite, as she seeks out unique pieces that will quickly become a valuable piece in your home.


The most colourful : Pi Project - This pretty site is full of wonderful rugs that have come straight from South America where Mexican rugs are known as ‘sarapes’. These ‘sarapes’ are made entirely from local communities and are brightened up with diamond-shaped multi-coloured embroidery.


The most cool: Beklina - This Californian online shop offers a great selection of Berber carpets that come from Azilal in the Atlas mountains. Each rug is made piece by piece by local artisans using organic and sustainable materials, such as cotton and wool.


The most bohemian: Anthropologie - Floral and abstract patterns, ethnic and Hindu prints…the rugs at Anthropologie will take you to the four corners of the world without you ever having to leave the room!


The most joyous: Coco Carpets - Inspired by the unique style of Moroccan rugs, the rugs at Coco Carpets celebrate and support the local artists who produce them.


The most ethnic: Beldi Rugs - Beldi is a Moroccan term signifying all things traditional, rural and natural. The brand adopted this name to give a sense of authenticity across their folk-art style pieces that are made out of organic wool and have been meticulously selected in the Atlas Mountains.


The most English: The Rug Company - Every season, this English brand unveils luxury creations that are made in collaboration with big names in both the interior design and fashion world while continuing to use their traditional production techniques and natural materials. 


The most urban: AM.PM. - In browns, greys and other natural colours, alongside modern geometric and minimalistic prints, AM.PM will have the perfect rug to bring both a natural and contemporary touch to your home.


The most ephemeral: Westwing - A wide variety of styles, materials, colours and sizes are on offer in this impressive online store. Each sale lasts a maximum of seven days so don’t dither for too long.


The most romantic: Designers Guild - The rugs created by this well-known English brand will bring delicate colours and floral patterns into your home. If you fall for the rugs, don’t miss their collection of fabrics, paints and wallpapers.