Teas and infusions

We have scoured the web to bring you our short list of the best places to buy teas and infusions online. Below in words and pictures.

The most varied: La Grande Epicerie - As its name suggests, the most famous grocery in Paris in Bon Marché offers a wonderful selection of black, white and green teas and infusions. You can also choose from English brands! It’s tea time!


The most new: L’infuseur - Or the herbal tea specialist, aiming to make sophisticated infusions that keep with the times by combining health benefits with pleasure. What’s more, there are new and delicate flavours and a special mention has to go to the minimalist, modern packaging.


The most traditional: Dammann Frères - You must have already, at least once, tasted tea by the famous Dammann Frères who combine traditional and exotic flavours. A little bit of background information – they are behing the Cristal© sachet, a real revolutionary innovation for the art of tea.


The most surprising:  La Thé Box - Fancy receiving a dreamy selection of teas, infusions, little desserts and surprises every month that you can discover without leaving the house? This is exactly what you will get with La Thé Box which will carefully compile a super chic gift box for you to enjoy either alone or with friends for your very own tea party!


The most authentic: Kusmi Tea - Kusmi Tea transports us all the way to Russia where this tea house has been re-inventing and making its unique flavours of tea for more than 150 years.


The most organic : Ecocentric - This eco-friendly online boutique unveils the best ethical tea brands all over the world. Find a selection of organic tea, in bags or in loose form, organic herbal teas and natural infusions.

The most chic : At Chic des Plantes, tea infusion has been reinvented. Far from the stereotypical image of your grandmother with her tea, this comforting beverage has become a healthy little act that adds a touch of elegance and calm to an exhausting day.


The most refined: Collection T. - White tea, green tea, cherry blossom, rose petal… This brand originating from the South of France with its simple packaging has a wide range of flavours, from the most traditional to the most subtle of combinations.


The most specialised: Mariage Frères - « Grand Cru », « Terroir d’excellence », gourmet, smoked, blue, rare… these are just some of the types of tea that Mariage Frères offers to satisfy everyone’s tastes. You will also discover a whole collection of gift sets, accessories, books and snacks.


The most ‘well-being’: Wandertea - if you’re looking for a ‘magical potion’ tea which will do wonders to both your mind and your body, then look no further than the pure and natural blends of teas at Wandertea that work as a detox. Meticulously created by health professionals and all handmade in France, these unique blends will help your balance and daily well-being.