Apicia, an online beauty shop selected by Nettement Chic.

With the cold weather upon us and the start of sore throats and colds hitting us left, right and centre, it was no surprise at how quickly we fell in love with Apicia's organic and natural products that are carefully formulated to keep both our insides and outsides as healthy as possible. With a range of honey and pollens designed to improve issues such as your skin, digestion and sleep and a range of food supplements targeted at your general well-being (such as keeping your immune system as strong as it can be), you can imagine how excited we were to discover Apicia's cosmetic products. Not only will their creams and oils soften your skin, but they will also fight against blemishes and signs of ageing.

Due to the underlying ingredients in their products originating from beehives, Apicia cares deeply about the environment and all ingredients are extracted with the help of professional beekeepers who respect biodiversity as much as they do. And to top it all off, the research into their products have taken place in clinical laboratories and are therefore recommended by professionals in the healthcare industry. What more could you ask for!


Need to know:

For deliveries in France: products will be delivered in 48 hours at a cost of 7,90 euros.
For deliveries to Europe Zone 1 (countries including the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland): products will be delivered within 3-8 days at a cost of 15 euros.
For deliveries to Europe Zone 2 (countries in Northern and Eastern Europe): products will be delivered within 3-8 days and a cost of 20 euros.
Payment in euros.
Returns possible for up to 14 days after delivery