Lesley M.M. Blume

To coincide with with the release of her book Everybody Behaves Badly (the making of Ernest Hemingway's roman à clef, The Sun Also Rises, and the exciting literary history behind it), Lesley M.M. Blume responds to our E-ssential questions with characteristic verve and panache.

Photographed above in the bar of the Plaza Athénée in Paris with Ernest's daughter-in-law and assistant, Valerie Hemingway, New York-born Lesley is a journalist (Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Vogue...) and author who today lives between L.A. and her home town.


1. A site?

For fashion: Barneys New York's editorial site, The Window, which I co-founded five years ago, and still showcases an awesome roster of established and new talent. Even though it's been around a while, I like The Selby for general at-home vouyerism. For beauty: Violet Grey's The Violet Files.  For news: the New York Times, always and forever.


2. A blog?  

I just discovered a blog call The Subway Book Review. The blogger is this gorgeous and smart German girl who documents what New Yorkers - famous and obscure - are reading on the subway. It creates a great portrait of a city.


3. I instagram there I…

... have a visual diary of my life over the last three years. For better or worse, it has largely replaced my written journals as I have less and less time for personal writing. I follow people from all worlds: fashion, news, war reporting, interior design, the culinary world. And a few socialite fools for comic value.

@kendallconraddesign - I love her accessories, and her historical photos are delicious.

@thenewyorker – for its cartoons. I'm too illiterate for its articles.

@habituallychic – for its NYC fetishism: great for when I'm in LA and missing my hometown.


4. If I were a website I would be?

My own website: lesleymmblume.com.  And if the 1920s Plaza Hotel had had a website, I'm sure that would have suited me fine also.


5. An online buy that still makes my heart flutter?

Oh God - that's like asking a mother to name her favorite child. I just scored a gorgeous opal and diamond ring from an online estate sale ... and love the passel of pillow case dresses I commissioned  for my little daughter on Etsy. And a Balenciaga jacket from Gilt. I'd almost bought it at retail, so that was a special thrill.  What else? Personalized statement stationery from Moo ... Chanel motorcycle boots from Bergdorf ... And a vintage Cartier fountain pen from another estate sale. Want me to keep going?