A week of chic #1

When you live in Paris, fashion becomes a part of your life, perhaps more so than in any other city in the world. At Nettement Chic, we have a particular fascination for the unsung heros of Paris fashion week.

Bernie, the face of merci's book-lined cafe, her perfect white shirts, her black glasses, and of course, her smile. Claus, his humour, his kindness and his quest to lead the Paris breakfast revolution. Guillaume, the behind the scenes maestro who makes Colette seem like the centre of the universe ten days out of every year. And Camille, a fashion blogger who is a world away from the image one might have of this new profession. Honest, natural, beautiful. In love with Paris and with fashion. Just like us.

A Week of Chic was made in collaboration with Trésor Parisien.